Thank you to our Cape Verde Foundation fundraisers

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The Cape Verde Foundation has been holding many events recently to raise money and we wanted to express our gratitude to each and every one of you for your support.

Last Friday was quite the event as tea and coffee morning came to the office. A huge thank you has to go to the team – just that one morning raised an amazing £212.04 for the foundation fund.


And if you want to get involved with our amazing events, you can. In fact, tonight we’ll be at Bar 5 in Derby for a night of food and drink, a great raffle and auction, and, best of all, an open mic night! Feel free to bring along your friends and family too – everyone is welcome.


So here’s another huge thank you to everyone who got involved in tonight’s raffle and auction, your donations were so appreciated.




Corporate Traveller thoughtfully gave a night’s stay in a beautiful York hotel.




From Central Technology, we received not one but two Amazon tablets!




We were touched that Roda Telecom donated a mini iPad 2.



Ipro Stadium contributed a delicious bottle of wine.



Costa, Starbucks and Burger King very kindly gave us our coffee cups.





We love that Muffin Break have donated some very tasty-looking muffins.


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