Flora and Fauna at the Viveiro Botanical Gardens

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The Cape Verde Foundation is always looking for ways to help and encourage the education of children on the Islands and school visits are great way to get them engaged in a subject.

With that in mind, just last week the Cape Verde Foundation sponsored a study visit to the Viveiro Botanical Gardens on Sal Island.  A wonderful experience filled with luscious plants and a variety of animals, it was the perfect opportunity for the children of the Pretoria School. Inviting five of the classes at the primary school, the visit included 170 children aged between 9 and 11 years as well as their teachers.

Children that attend classes in the third year of schooling were treated to a diverse schedule of lessons. While the general objective of the visit was to identify existing animals and plants on the island, the children learnt a great deal more about the flora and fauna in the gardens. During their tour, for example, they were asked to classify natural and unnatural elements of nature, as well as observe different types of plants by size, consolidate plant care and identify different animal types, such as vertebrates, in the zoo.

The children hugely enjoyed the opportunity to see so many different plant species and animals, all the while learning new and exciting things about biological science.

As part of the program, the Foundation paid the entrance fee for all of the 170 students and their teachers. We also provided a mid-afternoon meal, including sandwiches, cakes, juice and water.

For more information about the Foundation’s work or to find out how you can donate, get in touch today.

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