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Following the news that we would be donating medical supplies to Cape Verde, the goods themselves have now landed safely on the archipelago.

It has all been achieved with the help of Mandy Galley, a director of the Foundation, and the Jacob’s Well Appeal, beginning with a call to healthcare practices to donate large medical equipment such as x-ray machines and MRI scanners, all the way down to plastic gloves and sharps bins.

There has been an incredible show of generosity and last week, Hospital Agostinho Neto received a 40-foot container of hospital equipment as part of our ongoing project to contribute to improving the health of Cape Verdeans. The central hospital in Praia, which is situated on the Island of Santiago, has received dozens of boxes containing hospital supplies and equipment, as well as materials for the operating theatre, cardiology and more.

Speaking on behalf of The Cape Verde Foundation, Victor Fidalgo stressed that The Resort Group, through the Foundation, “wants, in addition to investing in the hotel sector, to participate in the development of Cape Verde, namely social actions.”

He added, “We have done many activities over the years, in Sal and Boa Vista, and now also in Praia. This is the first in a series of initiatives that will support the health sector. We want to make a real contribution to improving the health of the population.”

The materials, which were all sourced from the United Kingdom, are worth approximately £270,000 and the valuable goods will be distributed to central and regional hospitals across the country.

The director of Hospital Agostinho Neto, Júlio Andrade, thanked The Resort Group during the ceremony for the donation, emphasising that because the hospital supplies are very expensive, it allows the hospital and other structures “to do a good job and release funds for other acquisitions useful for the health service”.

According to Júlio Andrade, this is the third container with such materials and equipment to be offered to that hospital unit this year, adding “This donation will allow us to work with more security and less pressure.”


“They are expensive products and without them, it is impossible to have a quality service.  This equipment will help us in our daily activities,” said Júlio Andrade, who also remarked that Agostinho Neto Hospital is currently much better off in terms of equipment, given the strict management of the product.

As for the distribution of the kind donations, they will be provided to the various services according to the needs of each medical institution, thus avoiding any waste or allowing products to go over their expiry date.

You can watch the full report on national TV here.

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