Building brighter futures with 20 new scholarships

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In line with The Resort Group PLC’s commitment to improving the lives of people throughout Cape Verde, The Cape Verde Foundation has recently awarded 20 scholarships to Cape Verdean students.

The scholarships – each valued at 2,200 Cape Verde Escudo – will enable 20 students to attend the School of Business and Governance at the University of Cape Verde, also known as UniCV.

Victor Fidalgo is a representative of The Cape Verde Foundation. He states that within the framework of its social action plan, the Foundation is committed to investing in people and contributing positively to the development of the broader Cape Verde society. He made The Cape Verde Foundation’s motives clear: “To the students, our message is that they take full advantage of this opportunity for a high quality education. By focusing on their studies they can bring success not only to themselves, but also to their families in Cape Verde. The fact is, Cape Verde can only develop if we systematically and consistently increase the educational capital of our people.”

Judite Nascimento, Head of the University of Cape Verde, says that the public university is looking to expand initiatives of this type and will, as a result, develop a social action program. “This allows us to create a social action fund. The value of this fund will be increased through initiatives of this kind. Companies or individuals can now contribute scholarships and other forms of financial support to help people experience higher education who may not otherwise have had the opportunity. It gives them the capacity to study without the worry of financial pressures,” he explains.

The funding of the 20 scholarships for students at the UniCV School of Business and Governance is a result of the continuing co-operation protocol between the University of Cape Verde and the Foundation. The scholarships are a natural extension of an already successful partnership, which has previously seen The Cape Verde Foundation building the new facilities for the Business School and Governance, which is located in Achada de Santo António.

School of Business and Governance UNICV

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